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06.04.2015 (17:23) Delegation of the Burdenko Main Military Clinical Hospital back to Russia Russian and Chinese military doctors shared experience in traumatology and orthopedics.
06.04.2015 (16:49) Participants of the international professional competition “Safe Environment” to carry out 20 special assignments The competitions will take place as part of the «International Army Games” on the NBC Protection Military Academy training centre’s grounds in the Yaroslavl region.
06.04.2015 (16:40) Northern Fleet BT-111 minesweeper renamed to “Solovetsky yunga” The ship is organic to division of the all-arms force Kola Flotilla. Its duty is to conduct minesweeping in permanent bases of the Northern Fleet and to secure aquatic area.
06.04.2015 (16:13) Since beginning of this year sappers of Southern MD destroyed 850 pieces of ammunition back from Great Patriotic War 66 mobile demining groups equipped with latest equipment have been formed in North Caucasus, Southern and Crimean MDs for this kind of work.
06.04.2015 (15:05) Yelizovo airbase pilots practiced air refueling The operation was performed on the training complex simulating different scenarios. The special attention was paid to actions of air crews when flying over the sea under the conditions of low visibility.
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