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04.08.2015 (13:38) Su-33 fighters takeoff from Admiral Kuznetsov heavy aircraft carrier Pilots of the Northern Fleet naval aviation fighter regiment started securing the Kola Polar zone operating Su-33.
04.08.2015 (13:34) Southern MD reconnaissancemen training to operate behind enemy Large-scale field training with reconnaissance units is taking place at five ranges of the Southern MD. More than 1,300 servicemen and 300 pieces of special hardware are involved in the training.
04.08.2015 (13:18) NBC protection units of the Russian military base in Armenia started field training In the course of the field training, servicemen are practicing NBC reconnaissance, conduct special decontamination of armament and military hardware, and perform aerosol screens.
04.08.2015 (12:31) Southern MD snipers practicing high-rate firing at Dagestan range The snipers will take part in the complex exercise in order to assess their capabilities of operating in isolation and will participate in competition among sniper pairs.
04.08.2015 (12:13) “Safe environment” international contest is launched today The contest will be divided into four parts: “Driving in complex terrain conditions”, “Firing practice of the crews”, “Mixed pursuit race”, “Detection of contaminated area and its decontamination”.
Show by:  5 10 25
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