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25.06.2015 (13:11) Russian Defence Minister handled awards to the relatives of geographers – participants of the Great Patriotic War At the ceremony, which took place in the Central museum of the Armed Forces, General of the Army Sergei Shoigu emphasized that military geographers, meteorologists, topographers had played great role in the Great Victory.
25.06.2015 (12:24) “Safe route” contest held among engineer specialists at the Northern Fleet According to the results of all the stages of the competition, the team from the engineer battalion of separate motorized rifle brigade of the Northern Fleet became the winner.
25.06.2015 (11:29) EW units of the Southern MD combined-arms army practiced suppression of simulated enemy communication systems Particular attention was focused on honing skills in combat usage of the advanced EW complex Borisoglebsk-2.
25.06.2015 (10:27) “Strizhi” aerobatic team to demonstrate renewed programme in the sky of Perm Pilots of MiG-29 aircraft will reform a column into pyramid and diamond, perform loop-the-loop, barrel roll, banking turn with minimum intervals.
25.06.2015 (10:19) Central MD Command extended the period of firefighting activities of the army aviation in Tuva Within two months, helicopter crews have already effectuated more than 60 flights from the Kyzyl airport for monitoring and extinguishing of fire fronts in remote mountain-taiga areas.
Show by:  5 10 25
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