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30.03.2015 (17:59) Storm readiness is announced in the Baltic Fleet According to the hydrometeorological centre of the Baltic Fleet, a sharp increase of the south-east wind to 15-20 m/sec with blasts up to 23 m/sec undergoes in the region. The sea swells will reach 5 points
30.03.2015 (17:10) The Pacific Fleet received the first modernized antisubmarine Il-38N aircraft Specialists from the Ilyushin Aviation Complex conducted repairs of the aircraft and significantly upgraded its electronic equipment, while the cockpit was equipped with the latest avionics.
30.03.2015 (16:23) Veterans of the Great Patriotic War living in Canada to meet 70th anniversary of the Victory day in the uniform of modification year 1943 Male and female military outfit includes jacket, breeches, field cap, belt, knee-high boots and shoulder boards with insignia.
30.03.2015 (15:00) Western MD formed special demolition and rescue teams in the eve of spring floods The teams consist of 500 servicemen and 200 pieces of military equipment.
30.03.2015 (14:50) Crews of Il-38 aircraft and Ka-27 helicopters improved their interaction in the course of the exercise on Kamchatka During the flights, the crews performed tasks of reconnaissance and search of surface and underwater targets, landing of troops and evacuation of simulated casualties from the combat zone.
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