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14.05.2015 (14:01) “Tank biathlon” district championship started at the firing range near Volgograd By this time, the individual race of the tank crews has already finished. There will also be water obstacles, team relay race, as well as sports phase where they will have to compete in strength and endurance.
14.05.2015 (13:27) Southern MD motorized rifle troops practiced fieldwork at unknown terrain Over 20 different scale tactical exercises held with brigade units during two months. Over 19 thousand ammunition and 7 thousand imitation means consumed.
14.05.2015 (13:15) Western MD sappers started clearing Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod regions They will have to check territory over 2 thousand hectares that equals the area of 2.5 thousand football fields. The mission involves over 700 servicemen.
14.05.2015 (12:16) Airborne jointly with aviation to show demonstration performance at the opening of the Race of Heroes The Airborne will show seizure of strategic facilities and elimination of illegal armed groups. Firing cover will be provided by four Su-27 fighters and two Mi-24 helicopters.
14.05.2015 (11:00) Self-propelled military hardware of no use to be sold in course of Army-2015 Forum As reported by Dmitry Kurakin the Director of Department of military property, it is planned to sell 1170 pieces of hardware.
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