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26.01.2015 (10:16) The intensity of the Southern MD army aviation combat training will increase up to 30% in 2015 About 25 different scale exercises are planned to be held in 2015. Ka-52Alligator and Mi-28N Night Hunter helicopters are supposed to be operated within the exercises.
26.01.2015 (10:09) Commemorated to the 70th anniversary of the Yalta Conference memorial event will be held at the Black Sea Saksky airdrome The re-enactment for the allies delegations’ meeting will be held at the airport, where landed airplanes of the Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt.
26.01.2015 (09:34) Cadets of the Tyumen Military Engineering Command High School won the Central MD military hand-to-hand combat championship The silver medals were won by special unit team from Tolyatti, athletes of district training center won the bronze ones. More than 350 servicemen as a part of 46 commands from formations and units of Central MD participated in the championship
26.01.2015 (08:58) The Western MD motorized rifle units perform new tactic fire exercise on IFV The new exercise was established because of rearmament of the forces with new weapons and military equipment in order to train in modern combat conditions.
26.01.2015 (07:41) The Northern Fleet arctic brigade will be equipped with the high off-road performance vehicles The brigade will be equipped with more than 100 wheeled and tracked vehicles during 2015. The vehicles are suitable to be operated in the Arctic Circle.
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