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26.05.2015 (12:54) International competitions “Safe environment” to involve only contract servicemen During this professional contest, the participants will compete in over 20 NBC and combat firing challenges.
26.05.2015 (12:29) The Northern Fleet supply vessels began to deliver winter stocks to remote areas of the Far North In all, it is planned to deliver for the purpose intended about 44800 tons of materiel to more than 60 military units of the NF and Russian Defence Ministry deployed in 48 points difficult of access.
26.05.2015 (12:06) Motorized rifle brigades in Chechnya finished preparation of military hardware for the summer period of operation Maintenance specialists will carry out up to 50 operations on each military vehicle; 40 tons of lubricants will be used.
26.05.2015 (11:35) International contest among NBC specialists “Safe environment” will take place in Yaroslavl Region It will be preceded by contests in formations and military units as well as district and all-army competitions.
26.05.2015 (11:10) Russian military medics took part in 41st global congress on military medicine 750 delegates from 79 countries arrived to Indonesia to participate in it.
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