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10.04.2015 (17:02) The regional stage of the “Aviadarts-2015” contest has finished in the Southern MD More than 60 pilots took part in the professional competitions. 20 pieces of aviation vehicles were involved to carry out flight tasks.
10.04.2015 (16:25) The World Ocean museum in Kaliningrad to have a mobile military contract enlistment point for civilians In 2015 a significant rise in the number of young people applications to regional enlistment points has been noted. More than 900 people have applied, among which around 300 were enlisted.
10.04.2015 (16:00) Central MD artillerymen are learning new methods of engaging a simulated opponent Having used high-explosive fragmentation shells with aerial, impact and radio detonators during air strikes, the artillerymen achieved massive damage – the munitions exploded simultaneously at the height from tree tops to underground shelters.
10.04.2015 (15:50) Gruyvoron small missile ship was laid down at Zelenodolsk shypyard Deputy Defence Minister Yuri Borisov and Russian Navy Commander-in-Chief Admiral Viktor Chirkov participated in the official ceremony in honour of such an event.
10.04.2015 (15:29) Simulator complexes being developed today in the interests of the Strategic Missile Forces have no analogues in the world in many parametres In particular, their software, content and volume of information are identical to what is available in real missile systems ‘Topol-M’ and ‘Yars’.
Show by:  5 10 25
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