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19.03.2015 (13:40) Aerospace Defence Forces have moved the upper-stage rocket “Briz-M” to the graveyard orbit The movement of the upper stage has been effectuated by means of several activations of the propulsion unit which are necessary to reach the altitude of 43 000 km.
19.03.2015 (13:01) The Central MD tank units prepare for participation in the district stage of the Tank biathlon The tank units started practicing at the training grounds of Orenburg region, Sverdlovsk region, Chelyabinsk region and Kemerovo region. The district stage to take place at the Cherbakulsky training ground located in Chelyabinsk region at the end of March.
19.03.2015 (10:29) Chief of the National Centre for State Defence Control Lieutenant-General Mikhail Mizintsev informed journalists about the military and technical forum “Army-2015” According to Mikhail Mizintsev the main feature of the forum is searching for the innovative and advanced technologies in order to adopt them in weapon, military and special vehicles manufacturing.
19.03.2015 (08:10) Crews of strategic bombers carry out flights in the Arctic Region imitating activities of imaginary enemy A group of strategic bombers Tu-95MS has performed entry into responsibility zone of the Kola Air Defence formation from different directions playing the role of different types of targets.
19.03.2015 (07:15) Baltic Fleet naval aviation crews performed night training flights Among the obligatory elements there are imitation of air combat and compelling a trespasser to land.
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