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15.01.2015 (16:44) The Northern Fleet anti-submarine warfare frigate Severomorsk left Oman and entered the Arabian Sea “Severomorsk” set its course to the convoy formation point to secure civilian ships from sea robbers’ attacks while passing the Gulf of Aden.
15.01.2015 (16:30) Inspection of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation arrived at the Kant airbase located in Kyrgyzstan Inspectors examine combat readiness of the base located in the Kyrgyz Republic.
15.01.2015 (12:50) The Southern Military District reconnaissance men started military specific training at Daryal training area. Experienced masters teach servicemen to operate in mountainous conditions, to rapid the fire, extreme driving, fighting and deception.
15.01.2015 (12:22) The Black Sea Fleet guards guided missile cruiser “Moskva” entered the Mediterranean Today, passing through the Suez Canal, the Russian Fleet ship detachment including the Black Sea Fleet flagship GGMC “Moskva” and the Baltic Sea Fleet middle-sized sea tanker “Kola” entered the Mediterranean
15.01.2015 (11:10) Unit commanders will be trained how to operate in the polar night conditions. This will be the first experiment conducted in the Russian Armed Forces. The Far East Military Academy cadets are to perform assigned tasks being located in the Arctic Circle.
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