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05.03.2015 (20:23) Russian military transportation service celebrates its 97th anniversary Every year the military transportation service ensures mobility of more than 2 million servicemen and members of their families as well as over 4,5 million tons of cargo.
05.03.2015 (17:30) Over 1 000 reconnaissance men of the Central MD will pass special training in Chelyabinsk Region During the field training the servicemen learn to make ambushes and carry out raids, to take prisoners and sabotage communications of imaginary enemy, to use the newest reconnaissance command and communication systems “Strelets”.
05.03.2015 (15:39) Russian Deputy Defence Minister Anatoly Antonov has met journalists During the briefing A. Antonov told members of Russian and foreign media about the preparations for the IV Moscow Conference on international security which will take place this April as well as answered to their questions.
05.03.2015 (15:35) Crews of Tu-160 and Tu-95MS strategic bombers performed flights under the leadership of the Commander of the Air Force The most difficult elements such as takeoff and landing at low clouds, refueling in difficult weather conditions and usage of air-to-ground armament were carried out during the flights.
05.03.2015 (13:37) The ceremony of handing combat flags over to the regiments of the military base took place in Tajikistan According to the Deputy Commander of the Central MD Lieutenant General Eugene Ustinov, “the combat flag is the symbol of honour, valour and military glory of the Russian Army”.
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