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07.04.2015 (16:00) Central MD tank crews mastered new methods of firing during “Tank biathlon” competitions The new method is determined by the non-standard conditions and combination of different ways of firing using various types of shells.
07.04.2015 (15:41) Forum “Army-2015” to boost development of prospective armament of the Aerospace Defence Forces In the course of the event long- and short-rage interception equipment of the air defence, models of “Angara” and “Soyuz” launch vehicle, and spacecraft of different profile.
07.04.2015 (15:00) The servicemen of the Russian military base in Armenia are preparing for the military parade More than 1,2 thousand servicemen of the Russian military base of the border department of the Russian Federal Security Service and Armenian Armed Forces will take part in the parade in the town of Gyumri.
07.04.2015 (14:28) Seasonal preventive measures against tick-borne encephalitis started in Central MD In this regard, sanitary reconnaissance of the terrain started at the training grounds and complexes and based on its results an anti-insecticide treatment will be conducted.
07.04.2015 (13:17) Strategic Missile Forces being inspected after the winter period Combat readiness, training, combat alert mission organization, moral and psychological condition of servicemen, terrorism countermeasures and other activities of the Strategic Missile Forces will be inspected.
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