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09.04.2015 (15:11) Russian Armed Forces Mountain Triathlon Championship started in Kabardino-Balkaria The championship consists of several stages, including mountain hiking, ice climbing and patrol race.
09.04.2015 (14:23) Caspian Flotilla servicemen used the Podsolnukh over-the-horizon radar during air defence training in Dagestan The training was conducted in order to perfect the cooperation of the Podsolnukh OTH radar units with the ship command posts upon detecting aerial targets with a subsequent large number of target assignments for weapon use.
09.04.2015 (13:46) Baltic Fleet ships successfully accomplished artillery firing at sea range The special attention was paid to hitting special light targets simulating imaginary enemy aircraft. SAB-250 flare bombs delivered by fleet pilots were used for that.
09.04.2015 (12:33) The Central MD Forces are being armed with “Sani” modernized mortars The mortar was equipped with a new base plate with a hinge joint that makes it possible to shift fire quickly without turning the heavy support leg. Fire can be carried out using any mortar shells of the matching caliber of domestic and foreign production.
09.04.2015 (10:55) Russian Navy military science and training centre to undergo an accreditation procedure This was reported by the Deputy Chief of the Russian Navy military science and training centre Rear Admiral Alexander Karpov.
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