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01.04.2015 (06:49) Crews of the Eastern MD Air Force Air Defence Troops repelled imaginary enemy airstrike in the course of the exercise Over 30 aerodynamic targets imitating imaginary enemy aircrafts and cruise mis-siles were destroyed.
31.03.2015 (23:32) Over 350 cadets of the Kazan branch of the Armed Forces Military training centre to perform training firings on T-72 tanks at the Totsk firing range The cadets will practice qualification standards of changing over from travel to fire position, reconnaissance of targets and rangefinding.
31.03.2015 (22:55) More than 300 Russian aviation crews took part in the first qualification stage of the “Avidarts-2015” competition The competitions were held in aviation units at 15 training grounds. 140 crews reached the second stage of the competition, which will take place in the military districts, and formations of the Russian Air Force until late April.
31.03.2015 (21:46) Five modern ships and four submarines of the Black Sea Fleet have been commissioned All these watercraft were commissioned with contract servicemen. Guard ship Admiral Grigorovich is being prepared for the next stage of the sea trials.
31.03.2015 (21:03) Command-and-staff training is conducted with Southern MD Air Defence missile brigade located in North Ossetia The brigade HQ and imitating units will perform a 150-kilometer march to the Sernovodskoe training ground in the Stavropol Krai, where the servicemen will practice preparing and conducting operations.
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