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06.05.2015 (16:36) Servicemen of the Plesetsk cosmodrome to march in Mirny Mirny citizens will carry portraits of veterans of the Great Patriotic War in the course of patriotic event “Immortal regiment”.
06.05.2015 (15:51) About 1000 ribbons of Saint George were distributed to locals by servicemen from military base in Armenia Patriotic action was held parallel to crucession around temples of Patriarch Podvorie in Gyumri military garrison and was devoted to the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory.
06.05.2015 (15:07) Russian military base sappers conduct mine-clearing operation at Dzartsemi training ground More than 100 servicemen, about 20 pieces of military and special hardware, and search dogs are involved in mine-clearing operations.
06.05.2015 (14:18) Representatives of the Aerospace Defence Academy to tell about prospects of usage of small-sized space vehicles at the “ARMY-2015” forum Moreover, issues of development of the space forces and technical means for space purposes as well as modern capabilities of modelling and display of space situation will be discussed within the scientific and business programme.
06.05.2015 (13:45) Pacific Fleet antisabotage forces were equipped with multidimensional motor boat The boat is designed with EW systems and advanced diving complex. Such equipment provides opportunities to detect and observe different underwater objects.
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