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05.02.2015 (07:00) Flight crews of Su-34 aircraft are preparing for tactical air exercises in the Southern MD Multirole fighter bomber Su-34 is a 4+ generation aircraft. It can conduct effective attacks of the surface, sea and aerial targets day and night in all weather conditions and geographical areas.
04.02.2015 (18:48) The Northern Fleet LLS Alexander Otrakovsky will join the Russian Navy group of ships in the Mediterranean Sea The ship has left the Black Sea Fleet base in Novorossiysk and set a course for the Mediterranean Sea.
04.02.2015 (16:30) 30 billion rubles are directed to pay military housing subsidy in the winter half Summing up the results of housing bodies of the Defence Ministry work Ruslan Tsalikov stated that this year 7400 servicemen are to receive the housing subsidy this year. The plan will be expanded by 1.5 times.
04.02.2015 (16:30) Mobile complexes of the Strategic Missile Forces set off for combat patrol in six regions of the country The regiment of the Bologoe Strategic missile formation armed with road-mobile strategic missile systems “Topol” to perform its first combat duty.
04.02.2015 (14:57) The Pacific Ocean Fleet detachment has left Vladivostok for the Pacific Ocean department Within the long-distance campaign the Pacific Ocean Fleet detachment crew will visit nine countries with unofficial visit. The first port of detachment call will be Cam Ranh (Vietnam). The detachment is supposed to reach it on February 14.
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