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12.05.2015 (13:07) Medical officers of the Russian Navy to discuss medical support of forces and troops of the Northern Fleet in the Arctic A three-day training will gather medical specialists of the Navy, a number of classes will be held on the Northern Fleet base in Gadzhiyevo as well as aboard the underwater strategic cruiser of the Borei project.
12.05.2015 (13:03) Yars mobile missile complexes back to permanent base After reaching destination point, complexes will undergo maintenance procedures and will be prepared for conducting combat alert duty.
12.05.2015 (12:55) Legendary ZIS-5 returns from festive Brest to Kamchatka It will pass 33 cities among which there are 13 Hero-Cities and 6 cities of military glory. The idea of the campaign is to visit the places of the most severe combats and to bring to the Far East capsules with earth.
12.05.2015 (10:32) Southern MD “Prudboy” firing range is ready for district competitions “Tank biathlon” and “Suvorov onslaught” The winners will get the right to represent their district at the all-army contest, which will take place on the basis of the training complex Alabino (Moscow Region).
12.05.2015 (09:13) EW specialists of the Russian military base in Armenia to practice communications depression in mountainous areas During the training, the servicemen will practice detecting, finding directions, and depressing of more than 2.000 signals using automated jamming stations.
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