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03.04.2015 (18:11) A model of the Alabino training ground has been built in the Leningrad region by the engineers of the Western MD This is where the tank operators of the region will now be preparing for the tank biathlon competitions.
03.04.2015 (16:27) Southern MD Air Force rescuers training In the course of the education training, search-and-rescue and parachute-assault specialists of the 4th Air Force and Air Defence Command and of the Black Sea Fleet will perform about 70 parachute jumps from altitudes of 200-4000 meters.
03.04.2015 (15:34) Motorized military parade column in Kaliningrad to be led by legendary T-34 Presently military equipment is transported to airfield “Khrabrovo” in Kaliningrad region, where crews are taking part in drills.
03.04.2015 (14:53) Flypast to be held in Rostov-on-Don on Victory Day 37 modern aircraft including Su-24, Su-25, Su-27, Su-34, MiG-29, Mi-8, Mi-26, Mi-28, Mi-35 and Ka-27 will be involved in the flypast.
03.04.2015 (14:11) Training with participation of new rescue boat crews completed in Caspian Flotilla According to one of the scenarios, warship “Makhachkala” was damaged below the water-line in the course of the sea battle, access to damaged part was impeded and then rescue divers came to help the sailors.
Show by:  5 10 25
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