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20.02.2015 (21:50) Russian Defence Minister took part in the festive event commemorated to the Fatherland Defender’s Day In the event’s course the Supreme Commander-in-Chief congratulated the Armed Forces servicemen, civilians and veterans.
20.02.2015 (16:30) Coastal troops of the Northern Fleet have performed grounding trainings During the training exercises equipment wheeled and tracked combat vehicles: armored personnel carriers, multi-purpose light-armoured towing vehicles and all-terrain trucks.
20.02.2015 (15:49) Reconnaissance men of the Eastern MD are learning to survive in the Ussuri taiga At the Sergeevsky firing range (Primorye) the Eastern MD reconnaissance units are having field training. About 500 servicemen are involved.
20.02.2015 (12:05) The Central MD search-and-rescue detachment trained to evacuate the crew of the Soyuz-TMA spaceship It took twenty minutes to search and evacuate the imaginary crew.
20.02.2015 (07:15) Two logistical support inspections have been formed in the Eastern MD The results of their work will be thoroughly analyzed to improve the logistical system of the Armed Forces.
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