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02.02.2015 (17:38) The artillery training center of the Western MD has started training studies with dynamic multimedia simulators The simulators imitating self-propelled howitzers “Akatsiya”, self-propelled mortars “Tyulpan” and self-propelled guns “Giatsint-S” are equipped with commander’s, pointer’s and driver’s compartments which are identical to the real ones.
02.02.2015 (15:10) The Baltic Sea Fleet Air Defence servicemen staved off imaginary enemy air strike Within the exercise imaginary enemy made air strikes with 4 targets per minute frequency. The S-300 air defense missile system crews’ operating was complicated because of electronic warfare.
02.02.2015 (14:35) Accident management exercise started on Sakhalin and Kuril Islands 4000 servicemen, 250 special vehicles, military transport aviation aircraft and army aviation helicopters are involved in the exercise.
02.02.2015 (13:58) Center of positron-emission tomography has become operational in the Burdenko Central Military Clinical Hospital The equipment of the center allows to diagnose serious diseases in the early stage and to control the adequacy and effectiveness of treatment.
02.02.2015 (13:30) Military ice-breaker ships supply safety operating of the Pacific Ocean Fleet submarines and ships located on Kamchatka Ice-breaker ships Susanin and Sadko and estuary tugs of Bogorodskoe Lake, Ilichev’s, Malaya Lagernaya and Krashennikov’s bays cut away ice floes in order to let ships get under their ways.
Show by:  5 10 25
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