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12.03.2015 (19:41) Central MD special task force servicemen practiced blocking and eliminating of imaginary illegal armed groups Using “Tigr-M SpN” armoured vehicles the servicemen detected and engaged targets from the move and from short stops firing “Pecheneg” 7,62 machine guns, “Kord” 12,7 MG and AGS-17 “Plamya” automatic grenade launchers.
12.03.2015 (18:13) Russian-Serbian joint tactical flight exercise to be held in September Crews of operational-tactical and army aviation of Russia and Serbia will take part in the exercise.
12.03.2015 (13:30) Search and emergency rescue service of the Russian Navy being equipped with modern underwater vehicles This was stated by Russian Navy search and emergency rescue service ? rank captain Damir Shaikhutdinov.
12.03.2015 (12:18) Advanced means of electronic warfare to be used during the Eastern MD large-scale Air Defence exercise in Buryatia The EW units will practice electronic covering of the deployed District Air Defence system from the aerial radar systems and airstrikes of imaginary enemy.
12.03.2015 (11:09) Central MD received advanced UAVs “Takhikon” This type of UAV is developed for aerial reconnaissance at the distances of up to 40 km day and night and in difficult weather conditions. In particular, the UAV remains controllable at wind speeds of 15 m/sec.
12.03.2015 (06:44) Compounded Eastern MD units are in 4-hour alert readiness for providing their help during the spring high waters Compounded detachments have been formed for monitoring and providing practical support to the local authorities during ice run and high waters.
12.03.2015 (06:15) Eastern MD servicemen hold a large-scale anti-terrorist and emergency elimination exercise at the Bureya hydro power plant in the Amur River region A large-scale anti-terrorist and emergency elimination exercise at the Bureya hydro power plant has been started in the Amur River region.
11.03.2015 (20:00) Trainings for the Tank biathlon competition started at the Russian military base in Armenia During the trainings at the high-mountain firing range over 300 servicemen will compete for the right to participate in the Tank Biathlon competitions at the district level.
11.03.2015 (19:01) Joint CIS Air Defence System member-states representatives had a meeting in Yaroslavl The meeting was held in the course of preparation for the joint exercise “Combat commonwealth-2015” which will take place in September 2015.
11.03.2015 (18:10) Minister of Defence General of the Army Sergei Shoigu visited Southern MD command staff The Head of military department has inspected the activity management of the regional control centre of the Sothern MD which is the structural part of the National Center for State Defence Control of the Russian Federation.
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