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09.04.2015 (19:32) The Deputy Russian Defence Minister Yuri Borisov performed a working visit to “Sokol” aircraft factory in Nizhny Novgorod In the course of the visit to the factory, Yuri Borisov inspected the production processes connected with MiG-31 aircraft upgrade and repair.
09.04.2015 (18:47) Ivanovo and Pskov Airborne formation servicemen performed marching in the Arctic severe conditions In the course of the humanitarian training search-and-rescue expedition in the area of the Northern Pole, Russian paratroopers passed through an arctic desert with the wind speed of 15-18 m/s and visibility range of 0.5 meter.
09.04.2015 (18:27) Military parade training devoted to the Victory in Great Patriotic War have commenced in the Black Sea Fleet 9 marching drills are planned to be conducted in Sevastopol, two of which will take place in the very centre of the city. Exercises with the operators of military vehicles will be held at the Hersones airfield.
09.04.2015 (17:56) The First Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces took part in the meeting of the Military Committee of the CSTO During the meeting the special attention was placed to the current situation in Afghanistan due to the activity of the ISIL international terrorist organization.
09.04.2015 (17:20) Chief of the Main Directorate for International Military Cooperation had a meeting with journalists During the military journalist press club session Sergei Koshelev spoke about preparation for the IV Moscow Conference on International Security, which will be held on 16-17 April.
09.04.2015 (16:08) The number of contract servicemen in the Strategic Missile Troops will double by 2018 Today the contingents of the Missile Troops is more than 16 thousand servicemen that are serving as operators of missile launching vehicles, technicians, crew leaders, platoon leaders.
09.04.2015 (15:43) Military Educational and Scientific Centre of the Russian Navy was awarded the first prize of the “Archimedes-2015” international salon on inventions and innovative technologies More than 300 people participated in the forum. The servicemen won 9 golden medals, 12 silver medals, and 6 bronze ones.
09.04.2015 (15:11) Russian Armed Forces Mountain Triathlon Championship started in Kabardino-Balkaria The championship consists of several stages, including mountain hiking, ice climbing and patrol race.
09.04.2015 (14:23) Caspian Flotilla servicemen used the Podsolnukh over-the-horizon radar during air defence training in Dagestan The training was conducted in order to perfect the cooperation of the Podsolnukh OTH radar units with the ship command posts upon detecting aerial targets with a subsequent large number of target assignments for weapon use.
09.04.2015 (13:46) Baltic Fleet ships successfully accomplished artillery firing at sea range The special attention was paid to hitting special light targets simulating imaginary enemy aircraft. SAB-250 flare bombs delivered by fleet pilots were used for that.
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