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03.03.2015 (09:15) Peacekeeping brigade servicemen are going to pass exams on foreign language knowledge At the present time they are passing training language course “English language for peacekeeping soldiers” developed by the experts of the Military university of the Russian Defence Ministry.
03.03.2015 (06:40) Air defence crewmen have performed successful firings using S-400 AA systems After launches the servicemen will start loading the complexes on rail transporters.
03.03.2015 (06:05) Over 200 Eastern MD recruits from Buryatia have decided to enter the Defence Ministry higher education institutions At the present time candidates are passing medical examining board and professional selection.
02.03.2015 (18:15) This year the Eastern MD Marine and Special Forces servicemen are to beat records in parachute jumping The jumping is carried out from Mi-8, An-12 and Il-76 from different altitudes.
02.03.2015 (15:40) Southern MD air defence crewmen to practice combat firings at the Kapustin Yar firing range Air defence missile units of the motorized infantry brigade located in the Volgograd Region have marched to the Kapustin Yar firing range where they have started performing tasks in the course of field trainings.
02.03.2015 (11:03) More than 150 Air Force crews will take part in the Aviadarts-2015 contest preliminaries Within the contest pilots are to operate in pairs, pierce imaginary enemy air defence and to use air munitions.
02.03.2015 (11:00) Russian Minister of Defence General of the Army Sergei Shoigu has held a teleconference with the key personnel of the Armed Forces Modernization of long-range aviation and construction of the Navy basing system have been the main issues of the agenda.
02.03.2015 (09:01) Training of the Northern Fleet key personnel held in Gadjievo garrison The meeting was finished by a contest among submarine commanders for the best decision concerning for a torpedo attack of a group of surface targets.
02.03.2015 (06:03) Newest laser ranging system to enable new capabilities for Eastern MD infantry and artillery This year the units located on the islands of the Kuril Ridge will receive over 20 LPR-3 laser ranging systems.
02.03.2015 (00:00) Joint legation from the USA and Germany to carry out observation flight over the territory of Russia The observation flight would be carried out on March 2-7 from an airfield in Khabarovsk on an OC-135B aircraft within the Treaty on Open Skies.
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