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05.03.2015 (15:39)

Russian Deputy Defence Minister Anatoly Antonov has met journalists

Today Deputy Defence Minister Anatoly Antonov participated in a briefing devoted to the IV Moscow Conference on international security at the TASS Russia News Agency.

Giving a speech Anatoly Antonov stated that Western countries instead of cooperation create new separating lines. “Instead of integrating efforts against evil such as terrorism, Western countries create new separating lines… For now the target is Russia,” emphasized Anatoly Antonov.

European Union, Canada and a number of other countries are trying to dictate to the entire world their rules. “Some organizations such as European Union dare to define who and how must act in the international arena”.

The states which express another point of view are to be punished according to other laws than the international law. The similar situation we see in relation to Russia. The role of judges was taken on by the USA, EU, Canada and a number of other countries,” stated Antonov.

“It seems to me that the intergovernmental relationships lack trust. Without trust it will be difficult to repair the system of international security which is seriously undermined by the USA and its allies in the international arena,” said the Deputy Defence Minister.

He said that the Russian Defence Ministry has evaluated NATO activities near the Russian borders. “NATO activity is several times higher than the one of Russia,” emphasized Anatoly Antonov.

 “The Alliance has found the possibility for rebirth, like phoenix.” “Everybody dreamed and thought of a new rival instead of the Soviet Union. And here it is — Russia is to be the enemy”.

Deputy Minister of Defence also mentioned that he had participated in the Munich international security conference where he had been “grieved” by the anti-Russian speeches.

 “The slogans were like this “Today — Ukraine, tomorrow — us.” Meaning that tomorrow we are going to invade with tanks, aircrafts and ships. When I see such people I wonder if they are sane, if they understand what they are talking about,” said Anatoly Antonov.

Passing to the IV Conference on international security Deputy Defence Minister said that it would take place in Moscow on April 16-17, 2015. The venue is the Ukraine hotel. The main theme of the conference — “Global security: threats and perspectives”.

According to Anatoly Antonov, representatives of about 80 countries including NATO member-states are invited to the Conference.

Anatoly Antonov collaborated the information concerning sending a number of representatives by the alliance. “Yes, we received a number of confirmations and later we’ll see how many our foreign colleagues will participate in our international conference,” Deputy Defence Minister noted.

 “The Russian Defence Minister is concerned about the situation on the Southern borders of the Collective Security Treaty Organization and detects the ISIS formations in Afghanistan,” Anatoly Antonov stated

 “In order to prevent terrorist threat Russia exceeds combat capabilities of its military bases deployed in Tajikistan and Kirgizstan,” Anatoly Antonov stressed.

Talking on the international military cooperation issue Deputy Defence Minister noted that Collective Security Treaty Organization members are the priority of the Russian Defence Ministry.

 “It’s necessary for these countries to have mobile, effective and equipped with modern weapons Armed Forces”, Anatoly Antonov stressed.

In the course of the briefing Deputy of the Russian Defence Minister criticized statements of the American officials concerning thousands of Russian servicemen located in Ukraine.

Anatoly Antonov also reminded about more than 30 flights over the territory of the Russian Federation held by the foreign inspectors during which detected no abnormal activity of the Russian Armed Forces.  

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