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09.04.2015 (16:08)

The number of contract servicemen in the Strategic Missile Troops will double by 2018

Due to the re-equipment of the Strategic Missile Forces with new missile complexes and due to the necessity in employment and maintenance of the modern equipment and military vehicles by qualified specialists, the Strategic Missile Forces are actively working on selecting contract servicemen, as well as on their preparation in the Strategic Missile training program.

In the duration of 2015, it is planned to increase the number of contract servicemen of the Strategic Missile Forces by 25%, which is by 4000 servicemen, and by 2018 their number should be raised to around 30 thousand.

A certification test is annually conducted in the Strategic Missile Forces for the contract servicemen in order to evaluate the correspondence of each contract serviceman with his military occupation, as well as his promotion perspectives, including assignments for additional training and re-training in military educational establishments. Development of new additional preparation (further training) programs for servicemen in each military educational specialization is conducted with the direct participation of the Strategic Missile Forces Command.

Today the contract servicemen of the Missile Forces, which include more than 16 thousand men are serving as operators of missile launching vehicles, technicians, unit chiefs, platoon commanders and unit sergeants, as well as specialists of a number of rare specializations, who are on combat alert duty.

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