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06.05.2015 (13:03)

Combat training intensity of the Southern MD army aviation increased by 30%

The Southern MD army aviation airbase, which is located in Krasnodar Krai, has increased intensity of the tactical flight training by 30% in comparison with 2014.

Helicopter crews of the airbase have already participated in 10 exercises, including as a part of the 4th Air Force and Air Defence Command of the Southern MD. 

Mi-28N, Mi-28AMTSh, Mi-28P, and Mi-35 helicopters were involved in the exercises. 

Crews practiced delivering armament and different military cargos to hard-to-reach areas of forest and mountains, convoy escorting, projecting and landing of the tactic air assault, providing fire support to the assault units.

Pilots improved their skills operating in nighttime, mountainous regions, practiced detecting and identifying of different objects, moving and fixed surface targets, engaging them using armament of the helicopters.

Aviation and land forces also improved their cooperation performing training tasks during the exercises.

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