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16.07.2015 (19:59)

Tactical flight training with the crews of Southern MD tactical and army aviation finished in the Crimea

A three-day tactical flight training with the crews of Southern MD combat helicopters Mi-28H, Ka-52 and Mi-35M, Su-27 fighters has finished in the Crimea.

At the OPUK air range located in Southern MD, helicopter pilots have exercised target ground and air  targets, helicopters and low-flying and low-speed aircrafts at various distances – from 500 metres to 5 kilometers – day and night, destroying the simulated enemy with missile-gun armament.

Crews of Su-27 have exercised takeoff in pairs and an intercepted air targets. Pilots of a leading and a trailing fighters have conducted anti-missile maneuvers.

Tactical firings were also conducted by the Southern MD SAM regiment.

Army Aviation , Southern Military District , Exercises , Air Force
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