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17.09.2015 (11:15)

Northern Fleet held exercises with missile, air defence and artillery firings in the Arctic

Today the Northern Fleet forces participating in a training on protection of the island zone of the New Siberian Islands carrying out missile, air defence and artillery firings.

For the first time arctic units of motorized rifle brigade projected on Kotelny Island by the ship formation of the Northern Fleet were involved in the exercise.

The servicemen of the tactical groups on Kotelny Island successfully performed the assigned tasks, which included engagement of imaginary enemy sea targets in cooperation with a ship formation.

The crew of the coastal missile complex Rubezh deployed on Kotelny Island fired a cruise missile Termit at the target position in the Laptev Sea.

Artillery firings were performed from the ASW ship Severomorsk and the major landing ships Georgy Pobedonosets and Kondopoga.

Sea and aerial targets were also engaged by a crew of a self-propelled air defence missile-gun complex Pantsir-S1.

Commander of the Northern Fleet Admiral Vladimir Korolev mentioned that the activities were held within the principles of international law.

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