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07.03.2016 (13:20)

Russian Defence Ministry comments on publications of the so-called journalist organization Bellingcat

The Russian Defence Ministry has never commented on different speculations spread on the Internet.

However, taking into consideration the great number of requests received by the Military department concerning the publications of the so-called journalist organization Bellingcat on the Russian complicity for the catastrophe of the Malaysian boeing, the Russian party should mention the following.

The so-called journalistic investigations of the Bellingcat have shown perverted facts. The information published in the form of "investigations" has anti-Russian orientation and is based on perverted data. Proofless data is just to have informational influence on the public.

The main purpose of the fabrications made by the Bellingcat is to prove the presence of the Russian troops in the supposed launch area of the missile which had downed the Malaysian aircraft over the Ukraine on July 17, 2014.

By the way, until now no one has presented real proof of the presence of the Russian Armed Forces in the Ukraine.

Authors of the report use data received from social networks,  different fake publications from the Internet as well as their own doubtful materials which under any conditions cannot be consudered as real proof of the Russian complicity for the Ukraine conflict.

The latest Bellingcat report like all the others is also based on pseudosuppositions. To prove the presence of the Russian troops in the Ukraine, they present a photograph of an alleged militiaman taken supposedly in the launch area of the Buk missile on July 20, 2014, that is after the Boeing crash. Just this doubtful information is used to prove the presence of the Russian military in the supposed launch area.

However, despite proofless claims of Bellingcat, the person on the photos is not related to the Russian Armed Forces, he has never been the Russian military serviceman. Everyone can assure himself by spending some time in the Internet.

Moreover, designers of the image analysis program had also stated about authenticity of the photos spread in the course of “investigations” of the Bellingcat bloggers. According to the designers, the work, which had been performed by Bellingcat, is an example of the way how the work should not be done.

Moreover, the respected Western media agencies has also refuted conclusions made by Bellingcat by noting the unsubstantiality and absence of competency. 

What can be discussed, if the pseudoexperts stated that there had been no possibility to present objective evidence in their so-called “investigations”?

Therefore, the fact that the Joint investigation group takes into account these doubtful materials. Joint investigation group is the organization, which officially heads investigations and should be objective and professional. 

The group has also refuted evidence basis of the Rosaviatsia and stated the that was just “not interesting”.

It was “not interesting” because all these data was out of the tragedy model, which had been formed in advance. The Russian party is confident that all data concerning the tragedy must be analyzed properly without distinctions.
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