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25.08.2016 (12:29)

Upon decision of Supreme Commander-in-Chief, unannounced inspection of the Southern, Western and Central Military Districts, Northern Fleet, Aerospace Forces Main Command, Airborne Troops Command has started

Today the Head of the Russian military department General of the Army Sergei Shoigu has held a meeting with the key personnel of the Russian Defence Ministry at the National Center for State Defence Control. He declared that in accordance with the decision of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation another unannounced inspection had begun.

Troops of the Southern MD, separate formations and units of the Western and Central Military Districts, the Northern fleet, the Main Command of the Aerospace Forces and the Airborne Troops Command are put on full combat alert starting from 7 o’clock.

In the course of the first 24 hours, the ability of troops to perform missions under conditions of full combat alert is to be checked.

The next step is the deployment of formations and units at military ranges and training areas and their preparation for training task performance.

During the redeployment of troops, readiness of the Southern MD to deploy self-sufficient groupings within short time limits for localization of crisis situations is to be estimated.

The effort escalation capabilities of Central and Western MDs in the south-west strategic direction are to be checked.

Mobilization readiness and capabilities to perform missions of territorial defence and mobilization of separate military administrative bodies are to be inspected.

The full procedure of preparation of the Armed Forces for protection of national interests in case of security treat is to be carried out.

Industrial enterprises in cooperation with the federal executive authorities, executive authorities of the subjects of the Russian Federation, are to practice issues of interservice planning, organization of interaction as well as performance of mobilization tasks.

Deployment of field mobile command centres of formations and units with modern automated systems must provide continuous and steady control over the troops in the course of marches.

The inspection must be conducted on August 25-31.

Intensive preparations for the Caucasus-2016 strategic exercise are held in the Southern MD.

Several command-and-staff trainings have been held.

During 12 special exercises, military authorities, formations and units of combat, special and logistic supply practiced preliminary deployment of a comprehensive system of troops support.

In the course of the activities, security requirements must be followed, the integrity of armament and munitions must be kept, damaging of state property and adverse environmental impact must be prevented.

В целях выполнения задач, поставленных Верховным Главнокомандующим Вооружёнными Силами поручаю:

Aiming to performing the missions assigned by the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Armed Forces the Minister of Defence ordered the following:

1) the General Staff is ordered to organize the inspection and control over the actions of troops. Two working groups must be created:

  • the first one – to inspect the military administrative bodies, the troops (forces) of the Southern, Western and Central Military Districts, the Airborne Troops and the military and transport aviation;
  • the second – to estimate the quality of mobilization task performance.

2) Commander-in-Chief of the Land Forces is ordered to:

  • ensure the general management of preparation of the Land Forces for actions during the exercises;
  • check the readiness of the Southern MD Command and the formed troops of territorial defence for task performance under conditions of wartime;

3) Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy is ordered to organize the control over the task performance by the forces of the Black Sea Fleet and the Caspian flotilla during the combat readiness inspection, combat tactical and control exercises;  

4) Commander-in-Chief of the Aerospace Forces is ordered to organize preparation and task performance of aviation and air defence missile troops of the Southern MD;

5) Commander of the Airborne Troops is ordered to organize redeployment of troops with further preparation for actions on unfamiliar ranges. During the practical phase, preparation for different parachuting methods must be effectuated. Military and transport aviation as well as transport helicopters must be involved in those activities;

6) Deputy Defence Minister Tatiana Shevtsova is ordered to organize the inspection of financial support of military administrative bodies and troops in the south-west strategic direction while moving to a wartime posture.

7) Deputy Defence Minister Anatoly Antonov is ordered to inform foreign military attachés of the unannounced complex combat readiness inspection.

Minister of Defence , Unannounced combat readiness inspection of the Western, Central and Southern MDs (August 25-31, 2016)
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