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27.12.2016 (12:34)

Leadership of Russian Armed Forces observed one minute’s silence in tribute to the memory of victims of the Tu-154 crash

Russian Defence Minister General of the Army Sergei Shoigu held teleconference with the leadership of the Russian Armed Forces.

In his opening speech, General of the Army Sergei Shoigu informed the teleconference participants about the results reached in course of the search operation in the Black Sea at the crash site of Tu-154.

There were 92 passengers onboard: military servicemen, members of the Alexandrov Ensemble, civil servicemen, film crews of three federal TV channels, and Elizaveta Glinka, famous doctor and charity leader. 

Most regrettably, no one survived in this terrible disaster. 

The head of the military department thanked everyone who expressed condolences to friends and relatives of the victims.  

“We join these words. We will take all possible efforts to minimize the pain of the loss, though it will be rather difficult,” said Sergei Shoigu.

He stressed that “all necessary works aimed at finding bodies of the victims and investigation of this terrible disaster are conducted” at the crash site.

The teleconference participants observed one minute’s silence in tribute to the memory of victims of the Tu-154 crash.

According to the Minister of Defence, one of the hospitals of the military department will be named after Elizaveta Glinka.

“Moreover, work, which she did together with us in Syria providing assistance to civilians and children, must be continued. That aid, which she promised to deliver in hospitals in Aleppo, has been transported to the Hmeymim airbase and will be received by the addressees,” stated Sergei Shoigu.

He also reminded that the Military Musical School was to be named after Valery Khalilov, leader of the ensemble.

The Defence Minister also ordered to provide 70 apartments to the Alexandrov Ensemble.

Moreover, in course of the teleconference, Sergei Shoigu summed up results of the activity in 2016 and assigned tasks to the chiefs of the military control bodies. 

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