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17.02.2017 (12:38)

Reconnaissancemen of the Russian military base in Abkhazia practiced detecting and eliminating illegal armed formations

In course of field training at the Nagvalou range, the reconnaissancemen of the Russian military base of the Southern MD in Abkhazia practiced detecting, blocking and eliminating conditional illegal armed formations.

Having detected military camp of the conditional enemy in mountainous areas, the reconnaissance group transferred its coordinates to the command center through communication systems. Then the command center gave an order to eliminate the enemy group.

Reconnaissancemen besieged the conditional enemy and blindsided, taking him unawares.

During the operation, the servicemen used Grot-M close observation radar systems and carried out firing using Vintorez sniper rifles and Pecheneg machine guns.

Southern Military District , Разведывательные подразделения
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