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03.03.2017 (15:00)

Chief of the Main Operational Directorate of the Russian General Staff Colonel General Sergei Rudskoy held a briefing for media representatives

The Syrian government troops supported by the Russian Aerospace Forces continue combat actions against the ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists.

Last month, the Syrian army liberated 52 inhabited areas, mopped up 1702 sq. km of the territory.

This success became possible thanks to the active support of the Aerospace Forces.  For a month, the Russian aviation has performed 991 combat sorties, destroyed 2306 terrorist objects. Among them, there are such important targets as control centres, ammunition depots with armament and munitions, the engagement of which plays considerable role in the defeating of terrorists.

Thus, on February 28, at 13:21, near the Rasm al-Eis, 28 km to the south-west of Aleppo, two guided bombs KAB-500 dropped from a Su-24 aircraft destroyed a staff of one of the Jabhat al-Nusra illegal armed groups. As a result, 67 terrorists, including 19 field commanders – expatriates of North Caucasus and Central Asia, were eliminated. Another 104 insurgents were injured.

The Syrian army has achieved considerable success near Palmyra.

The operation was planned and conducted under the guidance of the Russian military advisers. For 1.5 months, the government troops and militia detachments overcoming the tough resistance of terrorists advanced for 60 km and on March 2 put Palmyra under full control.

In the course of the operation, insurgents’ losses constituted over a thousand people (killed and injured). 19 tanks, 37 combat armoured vehicles, 98 pickups with heavy armament on them as well as over 100 vehicles were destroyed.

The Russian aviation and Special Forces made a decisive contribution in the defeating of the enemy.

Ka-52 newest helicopters were used against illegal armed groups as well. The helicopters demonstrated their high effectiveness in mountainous and desert areas.

It is to be stressed that strikes have not been conducted in the area of historical monuments of Ancient Palmyra in order to preserve cultural heritage, which had not been eliminated by ISIS terrorists.

The city has been liberated completely. The government troops have kept the important heights located to the north and south from Palmyra. They continue their offensive in eastern direction.

Buildings and constructions of the city are being checked. Syrian engineers, who had been trained by Russian specialists in the Aleppo training centre, started defusing mines and explosive devices, which had been left by terrorists. Engineers of the International Mine Action Centre of the Russian Armed Forces are to join them in the near future.

The results have been achieved owing to joint effective planning and in-time effort concentration by the Command of the Russian force grouping in Syria and leadership of the Syrian Armed Forces.

Success in Palmyra has been reached despite constant reinforcement of insurgent’s grouping. The grouping was reinforced due to their withdrawal from the area of Mosul and Raqqah. However, it did not allow the international Coalition to complete the task, which had been assigned last year.

The Coalition-formed grouping failed to approach Raqqah at the distance of less than 10 kilometers. 

Assault of Mosul lasts for 4 months. The task has not been accomplished. The city suffers humanitarian catastrophe, and it becomes worse. It cannot be comparable with situation in Aleppo in the end last year.

The offensive of the government troops to the East of the city of al-Bab is developed successfully. 36 towns with the total area of 400 square kilometers were liberated over the past 10 days.

Aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces destroyed 278 ISIS facilities, including storages, checkpoints and concentrations of insurgents’ armoured vehicles.

The detachments of the Syrian army approached the south-west areas of the city of Membij, which is under control of Kurdish militia groups.

Today, The Russian Centre for reconciliation of the opposing sides sent the first humanitarian convoy with food, medicines and items of the first necessity to Membij.

In addition, since March 3 the Syrian Armed Forces enter the territory occupied by Kurdish militia groups according to the agreements reached with the participation of the command of the Russian grouping of forces in Syria.

The Syrian government is taking measures to resume the work of state authorities in Membij and surrounding areas.

In Syria, the maintenance of ceasefire regime is continued since December 30, 2016.

The total number of inhabited areas, the leaders of which had signed reconciliation agreements has reached 1,291. The number of armed formations of “the moderate opposition”, which had claimed to observe the ceasefire regime, reached 178.

In reconciled cities and towns destroyed during military operations, the social and infrastructural facilities are being rebuilt, supply of electricity and water is recommenced.

The Russian Centre for the Reconciliation of the opposing sides continues providing humanitarian assistance to the people of Syria. During the year, 849 humanitarian actions have been held, the population has received about 1,500 tons of food, medicines and items of the first necessity.

Last month, Russian aircraft delivered in the besieged Deir Ez-Zor more than 324 tons of food provided by the UN using parachute platforms.

The Russian Centre for reconciliation the opposing sides continue working in the Aleppo city. The units of the military police battalion of the Russian Armed Forces maintain peace and order in the city.

Military physicians of the Defence Ministry hospital continue providing medical care to the residents of Aleppo. By now, more than nine thousand eight hundred people have already received medical consultations and treatment.

Today, more than half of the residents of Western Aleppo have the opportunity to work in peace, without fear of terrorists’ shelling and attacks. Shops, cafes, markets, open air cinemas work in city. Children attend schools and nurseries.

Peaceful life returns in the Eastern districts of Aleppo, previously occupied by insurgents, where more than 20 thousand of civilians have returned to their homes.

The people of Syria will continue receiving the necessary assistance.

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