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10.03.2017 (12:40)

Chief of the Main Operational Directorate of the Russian General Staff Colonel General Sergei Rudskoy held a briefing for media representatives

Ceasefire regime, which had been established on December 30, 2016, has been observed throughout all territory of Syria. In course of the ceasefire regime, significant progress in peace progress has been achieved.

Within last week, ceasefire agreements have been signed with representatives of 47 inhabited areas. Total number of agreements has reached 1,338.

Number of detachments of ‘moderate opposition’, which had claimed to observer the ceasefire regime, has reached 199.

The Russian Centre for reconciliation continues providing humanitarian aid to the Syrian population. Within last week, the Russian Centre has held 46 humanitarian events.

In particular, two humanitarian convoys have delivered sets with food products, drinking water and items of first necessity to inhabited areas located in the area of Manbij.

In is to be reminded that units of the Syrian government troops have entered areas, which had been controlled by the Kurdish militia detachments. Work of state power authorities of the Syrian Arab Republic is being recovered in the area.

Within last week, Russian aircraft have delivered 122 tons of humanitarian aid provided by the United Nations in Deir ez-Zor, which had been besieged by ISIS terrorists.

The Russian Centre for reconciliation continues providing assistance to the Aleppo city. Humanitarian events are held in Eastern Aleppo every day. Posts providing hot meals are operating. Military physicians of the Russian Defence Ministry hospital provide medical assistance to the populations.

The citizens held local authorities in recovering the peaceful life. Therefore, hundreds of citizens took part in several campaigns aimed to remove obstructions and clear streets in Eastern Aleppo.

Peaceful process in Syria is supported by negotiations held in the Astana format. All ceasefire violations are analyzed properly in course of the negotiations. The parties are prepared for another conference, which takes place in Astana on March 14-15.

In course of the negotiations, the parties are supposed to finish developing a map demonstrating locations of Jabhat al-Nusra and ISIS terrorist formations, approve the project of “Regulations for a reconciled region (inhabited area)”, form a working group on exchanging forcibly kept persons, discuss suggestions on forming the international coalition for demining UNESCO cultural heritage facilities, and form the Constitutional Commission.

Syrian troops supported by the Russian Aerospace Forces continue fighting against the ISIS.

Significant success has been achieved in the east of the Aleppo province. Within last week, 92 inhabited areas (479 square kilometers) have been liberated from terrorists.

In course of the operation, the government troops have managed to reach the bank of the river Euphrates to the east from the Hafsa city. They have taken 15 kilometers of the coast line under their control.

Water clearing and pumping stations have been taken under control as well. After recovery works, Aleppo and its suburbs will be provided with drinking water.

The government troops continue their offensive along the western coast of the river Euphrates.

This success has been achieved due to actions of the Russian aviation. Within last week, the Russian Aerospace Forces have conducted 452 strikes on the ISIS objects in the east of the Aleppo province. More than 600 insurgents, 16 infantry fighting vehicles, 41 pickups with large-caliber machine guns, and more than 30 automobiles have been eliminated by the Russian aviation.

After taking Palmyra under control, the Syrian troops continue their offensive to the east from the city. They capture main heights and extend the security zone to the north and south.

The first detachment of the International Mine Action Centre of the Russian Armed Forces has arrived in Syria. The detachment consists of 187 servicemen and 32 pieces of special hardware. Newest robotic complexes and mine-searching dogs are involved in clearing the city from mines and explosive devices.

Russian engineers jointly with Syrian counterparts have started clearing historical monuments and social facilities from mines.

The Russian Defence Ministry addresses to all interested countries to take part in clearing monuments of world culture in Palmyra.

Activities aimed to eliminate ISIS terrorist groupings as well as to recover peaceful life in Syria will be carried out. 

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