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26.06.2017 (09:01)

11 crews, consisting of 55 best military dog handlers units, started competing for the right to represent the Russian armed forces team at the international stage of the dog handlers contest “True Friend” in the framework of the “Army Games - 2017”

The second all-army dog handlers contest “True Friend”, which will be held from 26 June to 3 July 2017 in the framework of the international “Army Games – 2017”, started in the Dmitrov district of Moscow region.

11 crews composed of 55 units (the coach and the service dog). The all-army stage participants will compete in 4 exercises:

“Dog-biathlon” for 3,2 km distance. This exercise will be based on the principles of the individual race with two fire ranges for shooting from the Bi-7-2 small-caliber rifle (5,6 mm caliber) from the lying and standing positions.

“Guard duty”. There will be implemented such exercises as detention and inspection of the violator and also will be practiced the tasks of the protection against violator’s attack with the subsequent convoy.

“Relay Race”. During this contest the team, consisted of 4 participants with their service dogs, will overcome the 1,6 km distance, performing the practical shootings from the standing position.

The dog handlers will show their skills of overcoming the specialized "300-meter obstacle course" with their dogs during the final exercise. The service dog has to overcome a ladder, a barrier, a fence, a trench, a boom and to crawl under the low stretched mesh along with the coach.

Army Games
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