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13.09.2017 (07:27)

Ulyanovsk Airborne formation to hold first tactical exercise operating BMD-4M AFV and BTR-MDM APC

In late September the Ulyanovsk Ariborne formation is to have a scheduled tactical exercise using the battalion complex of modern BMD-4M AFV and BTR-MDM Rakushka APC that recently have entered the service with the formation.

During the exercise the military are to combine firing and technical advantages of the new airborne vehicles when operating as part of battalion.

The exercise will feature combat hardware application in extreme difficult environment of cross-country terrain.

It will be the first practical experience for the Ulyanovsk Ariborne formation in using the latest BMD-4M AFV and BTR-MDM Rakushka APC that are superior in trafficability and fire power to their predecessors.

The combat training is scheduled and coordinated with other arms.

Airborne Troops , Central Military District , Exercises , Rearmament
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