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14.09.2017 (14:28)

Russian military transport aircraft to airlift hardware and personnel for the Zapad 2017 exercise

The Russian military transport aircraft has started to airlift personnel and hardware that are involved in the Zapad 2017 strategic exercise.

Engineer-aviation maintenance groups and hardware were airlifted by military transport aircraft to operational airfields to ensure redeployment of tactical and army aviation flights.

In total 20 sorties are to be flown by military transport aircraft to airlift the units

For reference:

The exercise is aimed to improve interoperability of staffs at all levels, integrate advanced C2 systems, pilot new constitutional documents, enable all commanding officers to practise planning of military actions and C2 on the basis of experience of contemporary armed conflicts.

The exercise is to be held on 14-20 September on the territories of the both countries under the direction of the Russian and Belarusian Chiefs of Staff.

It is the final step of the combined training of the both Armed Forces.

Joint strategic excercise "Zapad-2017"
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