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10.10.2017 (16:00)

Russian Defence Minister summed up Zapad 2017 exercise

The head of the Russian military department General of the Army Sergei Shoigu held a meeting to sum up the Zapad 2017 Russia-Belarus strategic exercise.

The exercise took place from September 14 till 20 at the Russian and Belarusian training grounds.

The Russian Defence Minister put emphasis on unprecedented transparency of the exercise. It was being covered by 548 domestic and foreign reporters, about 16 thousand reports were made, with more than 5 thousand of them abroad.

About 12.5 million people were following information available in the Internet published by the Russian Defence Ministry.

Sergei Shoigi also stressed that the concept of the exercise developed by Russian and Belarusian general staffs had been purely defensive.

The exercise brought together military control bodies, Western MD troops, formations and units from other military districts and Belarusian Armed Forces, and federal executive authorities.

In total, 12,700 troops, up to 680 pieces of military hardware, about 70 aircraft and 10 warships were involved in the exercise.

As the Defence Minister pointed out, the maneuvers were aimed to improve interoperability among the military staffs of different levels.

In course of the exercise, force groupings were formed in a short period of time on the basis of         operationally ready high-maneuver and autonomous units.

Combined arms troops supported by strike aircraft practised maneuvering and reconnaissance actions to block and eliminated terrorists.

All types of military hardware were involved to ensure massed fire to eliminate targets.

The modern long-range maritime and ground-based high-precision weapons were operated for live firing.

As the Russian Defence Minister stressed, all the goals of the Zapad 2017 had been achieved. The Russian and Belarusian armed forced had showed high efficiency in ensuring military security of the Union State.

Minister of Defence , Joint strategic excercise "Zapad-2017"
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