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27.10.2017 (13:33)

Russian Defence Ministry Board Session takes place in Moscow

Today, on October 27, Russian Defence Minister General of the Army Sergei Shoigu chaired the board session of the Russian Ministry of Defence. The leadership of the Russian Armed Forces, representatives of government authorities, industrial complex and social organizations.

Sergei Shoigu reminded that the Russian President had defined priorities in development of the Russian Navy for the near future at the session of the military industrial commission in April.

Among them is constant Russian maritime presence in all strategic areas of the global ocean.

He stressed its significance amid unstable global environment. Due to the Syrian crises, a Russian naval forces grouping permanently operates in eastern waters of the Mediterranean in order to support the Syrian government troops.

The head of military department also pointed out that number of official stopovers by the Northern Fleet vessels in foreign ports had increased two times (from 25 up to 49) over the last two years.

This year the destroyer Vice-Admiral Kulakov accomplished anti-piracy mission in the Gulf of Aden and paid a business call to the port of Alexandria, Egypt.

A group of warships, Northern Fleet, had a mission on the Northern sea route to practise brigade’s landing on shore, and to fire missile in the Arctic zone.

The Russian Minister of Defence stressed that maritime presence in the global ocean’s strategic areas as well as control over the foreign navies is provided by general-purpose naval forces.

The next matter on the agenda concerned implementation of May 2012 Executive Orders of the Russian President following the results of meetings in Sochi.

Sergei Shoigu drew attention to the fact that military and political environment at Russia’s western borders is strained, and tends to escalate. There are four multinational battalion task force groups of total strength 5,000 troops deployed in Baltic States and Poland. The Armored Brigade and U.S. Army Aviation brigade are based in Poland and Germany.

The Missile Defence system is being deployed in Eastern Europe. Combat training of the NATO forces is gaining momentum and intensity near the Russian boarders. More than 30 exercises have been held in Eastern Europe and Baltic States over the last three months.

Therefore, more than 20 events took place in order to increase combat potential of the Western Military District.

The emphasis has been put on delivering modern armament, military and special hardware to the troops. By the end of the year, the troops will receive 1,800 pieces of new and modernized hardware.

This year main efforts were focused on the Zapad 2017 Russian-Belarusian strategic exercise. Sergei Shoigu pointed out, that the exercise’s goals had been achieved.

The Russian and Belarusian armed forces demonstrated effectiveness and coherence in providing security to the Union State.

The session participants discussed prospects of unmanned aircraft development in the Armed Forces.

UAVs are used for providing air and engineer reconnaissance, electronic warfare, communications as well as in reconnaissance and strike systems.

Drones are providing round the clock situation control almost all over Syria.

Use of unmanned aerial vehicles significantly raised effectiveness of aviation, missile and artillery troops in eliminating objects of illegal armed formations.

Intensity of usage of UAVs has increased by over 2.5 times since the start of the military operation in Syria.

In 2015, drones carried out up to 400 reconnaissance flights. In 2017, the Russian troops launch drones over 1,000 times every month.

In total, Russian force grouping used unmanned aerial vehicles 16,000 times. UAVs operated 96,000 hours in the air.

According to Sergei Shoigu, the Russian Armed Forces are to received systems with multifunctional unmanned aerial vehicles capable to conduct reconnaissance and firing tasks.

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