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01.12.2017 (00:01)

Russian Armed Forces start new training year

The Russian Armed Forces has started a new training year. On 1 December 2017 the troops will deploy at training grounds to start winter combat training.

The 2018 training year will focus on upgrading of substantive skills commissioned officers, sergeants and soldiers.

The emphasis will be put on upgrading of combat training events, improvement of command and control bodies and staff training using all types of automated control and communication systems.

It is also planned to improve training facilities and canteres. In 2017 more than 50 training grounds were modernized, 3,500 pieces of training equipment and 170 simulators have been put in operation.

Some 8,000 exercise are planned to take place in 2018 including the Vostok 2018, CSTO CRRF Cooperation 2018 and SCO Peace Mission 2018 exercises.

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