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11.01.2018 (22:18)

Decision on creation of military facility with code name Angara taken on January 11, 1957

Construction of the facility began in March 1957 to the south of Arkhangelsk. From 1957 to 1963, nine launching complexes were built at the facility Angara, including 15 launchers for four types of missiles: R-7 / R-7A, R-16, R-16U and R-9A.

The first missile launch from this facility took place on 22 October 1963. It was a ballistic missile R-16U.

In the early 60-ies, it was decided to use complexes in Plesetsk for launching spacecraft. On 17 March 1966, the artificial Earth satellite was launched from here for the first time.

The State Test Cosmodrome of the RF Defence Ministry or the Cosmodrome Plesetsk is geographically located in the territory of the Arkhangelsk Region and is the northernmost spaceport in the world.

By 2018, the Cosmodrome Plesetsk has launched more than 2,000 various-purpose space vehicles to near-Earth orbits, about 1600 launch vehicles, and tested 11 space rocket complexes, 60 types of space vehicles. About 500 launches of intercontinental ballistic missiles were made from the territory of the Cosmodrome. 13 missile systems were tested, 3 of them are currently on combat alert.

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