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07.02.2018 (17:51)

41st Combined Arms Army tests new means of signal communications

New generation signal communication means have been tested in course of the drills of signal subunits of the 41st combined arms army stationed in the Novosibirsk and Kemerovo regions, as well as in Altai.

Specialists organised a stable signal communication via closed channels using the modern 5th generation P-149 AKSh-1 communications complexes on the KamAZ-4320 automobiles and P-419L1 and P-419GM mobile digital radio relay stations, which were used as mobile universal communications centres.

Particular attention was paid to organising a satellite radio network in the interests of units operating separately from the main forces. In total, more than 150 servicemen and about 50 pieces of special hardware were involved in the drills.

Central Military District , Signal Corps
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