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08.02.2018 (13:07)

Grenade launcher operators of Southern MD eliminate lightly armoured vehicles of mock enemy in Armenia

Crews of rocket-propelled grenades (RPG) of the Russian military base in Armenia eliminated small-sized targets, simulating lightly armored wheeled vehicles of the mock enemy.

Training of grenade launcher crews of the compound is carried out at the range of Alagyaz in course of preparation for participation in the qualifying stage of the competition Master of Artillery Fire of the International Army Games 2018.

During combat firing, servicemen perform the tasks of conducting reconnaissance for target, detection small purposes of the mock enemy, determined the distance and eliminating it with a grenade launcher in the daytime and nighttime.

Training of servicemen is carried out at an altitude of about 2 thousand meters above sea level with gusts of wind of about 15 meters per second, with heavy snow covers of the terrain.

About 100 servicemen were involved in practical training in preparing grenade launcher crews for the Russian formation in Transcaucasia.

Southern Military District , Combat training
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