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14.02.2018 (05:45)

Pacific Fleet major ASW ship Admiral Tributs carries out artillery firing

The major ASW ship Admiral Tributs successfully repelled the simulated enemy’s air attack and engaged the sea target with artillery fire in course of the K-2 mission.

The Il-38N and Tu-142MZ aircraft, Pacific Fleet Air Force, preformed as mock air enemy.

The ship artillery teams carried out 100-mm artillery firing at the air target in order to practise air defence tasks. Subsequently, ASW sailors supported by the tugboat МБ-92 carried out some artillery firings at the simulated surface enemy, used the AK-630 artillery weapon to eliminate the naval mine, set electronic jamming, trained damage control of the ship, and also carried out a number of counter-sabotage measures when moored at unsafe roadstead. Tomorrow, the ship will continue its tasks in the Peter the Great Gulf.

Earlier, missile and artillery firings at coastal, sea and air targets were carried out by the major ASW ship Admiral Vinogradov.

Pacific Fleet , Eastern Military District , Ships , Combat training
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