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13.06.2018 (16:05)

New combat hardware to be applied at Russian-Serbia-Belarus drills

The BMD-4M combat vehicles, BTR-MDM Rakushka armoured personal carriers and 2S25 Sprut-SD airborne anti-tank guns will be used for the first time during the Russian-Serbian-Belarus Slavic Brotherhood 2018 drills.

A reinforced battalion 700 servicemen strong of the Airborne Kuban Cossack Regiment will represent Russia at the international drills.

Deputy Commander of the Russian Airborne Troops on Peacekeeping Operations and the CSTO Collective Rapid Reaction Force Lieutenant General Alexander Vyaznikov will supervise the drills.

The exercises will take place at the Payevsky training ground in Krasnodar region from June 18 to 28.

Airborne Troops , Slavic Brotherhood 2018
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