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20.06.2018 (14:00)

ICRC representatives to attend Russia-Serbia-Belarus Slavic Brotherhood

A delegation of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has arrived to Novorossiysk to attend the Russian-Serbian-Belarusian Slavic Brotherhood 2018 tactical drills.

It is the first time as representatives of the ICRC will take part in the event that gathers paratroopers from three countries. They will train delivering humanitarian relief by parachuting, brief on rules of international law during military operations, and limitations applied to methods and means of warfare, and will outline spheres of the ICRC activity.

Earlier, a combined headquarters and multinational task group had been established within the Slavic Brotherhood 2017 drills.

The task group is made up a reinforced airborne assault battalion representing Russia, a reinforced parachute battalion from Belarus and a special company of the Serbian Armed Forces.

In total, there are some 1,000 paratroopers from Russian, Belarus and Serbia, more than 150 pieces of military hardware including 10 aircraft of Southern Military District involved in the manoeuvres. 

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