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27.06.2018 (13:45)

Russian Defence Ministry Board holds unscheduled session in Moscow

Today, General of the Army Sergei Shoigu, the Russian Mister of Defence, has chaired an unscheduled session of the Russian Defence Ministry Board session in Moscow. The attendees discussed proposals to implementation of the Presidential instructions on “National goals and strategic tasks for development of the Russian Federation till 2024”.

It was considered which events should be included in the 2025 Activity Plan of the Russian Ministry of Defence in order to ensure fulfilment of those tasks assigned by the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, and to determine what national projects require involvement of the Defence Ministry.

“It is worth mentioning that pursuant to the 2020 Activity Plan, a number of measures are already being implemented to develop health, education, science, and culture spheres. One can see tangible results in these areas”, Sergei Shoigu noted, citing a number of examples and facts.

Sergei Shoigu emphasized development of military education and science achieving great results and genuine breakthroughs.

The present-day network of higher educational institutions of the Defence Ministry including the re-established Black Sea Higher Naval School named after P.S. Nakhimov is made up of 36 educational institutions. There are also 279 out of 388 departmental scientific schools. Most of them conduct active researches in artificial intelligence, robotics, military cybernetics and other promising areas. The results are widely introduced in development of new military systems.

In addition, the Military and Scientific Complex of the Armed Forces has been reorganized.

Twenty-five scientific committees function in the troops and central bodies of military administration. A main research robotics centre was established. Seven scientific organizations function as independent organizations. Among higher educational institutions of the Ministry of Defence, seven large scientific subdivisions have been established which address the whole range of scientific problems in the interests of the country's military security.

Since 2013, 16 scientific companies have been formed, four of them - this year at scientific research institutes and military academies.

For the search, development and rapid implementation of state-of-the-art ideas and breakthrough technologies in the interests of the Ministry of Defence, the Era Military Innovative Technopolis was created. It is planned to involve leading experts of the country in its scientific activity.

The Multi-profile High-Tech Clinic of the Military Medical Academy named after S.M. Kirov was established last June which has no analogues across Russia.

In 2013, an evacuation system was put into operation with the use of medical modules. It reduces time of evacuation of severely injured patients, and also to airlift patients with provision of specialized medical care.

The Defence Minister also touched on large-scale work carried out in the Armed Forces to restore cultural heritage and traditions.

  "In general, we have 190 cultural institutions," the Minister of Defense stressed.

The Park of Culture and Rest of the Armed Forces "Patriot" was built.

Its universal infrastructure allows conducting not only military-patriotic events, but also training in combat training, sports tournaments, including international level, to ensure congress and exhibition activities.

The Patriot Park of the Russian Armed Forces was built. Its multipurpose infrastructure can accommodate military patriotic events along with combat training, sports events, international drills, and exhibitions.

Currently, facilities are being erected and expositions are being formed up in the Patriot Park branches across military districts and at the Northern Fleet.

The Minister of Defence recalled that starting from 2013 the military department organized and held such large-scale events as the International Exhibition the Innovations Day of the Ministry of Defence and the ARMY International Military Technical Forum.

The International Army Games organized by the Ministry of Defence, the International Military Music Festival Spasskaya Tower, the Russian Army All-Army Festival, Crimean Wave All-Russian Musical Festival, and others have received wide recognition.

In 2018, a new project will be implemented - the National Security Week International Forum.

The Yunarmiya all-Russian Youth Military Patriotic Social Movement established in May 2016 for the purpose of military patriotic education of youngsters.

It includes 85 regional offices and numbers about 246,000 children.

"As you can see, significant results have been achieved. At the same time, there is still much to do," the Minister of Defence said, explaining that the military department has developed new programs, the implementation of which will improve target rates of national projects.

Thus, in the sphere of science, it is planned to continue the creation of advanced research and development infrastructure. The centre of high-speed information processing will be formed on the basis of the ERA military innovative technopolis.

In order to improve health care, it will be necessary to complete the construction in hospitals of Moscow, Krasnogorsk, St. Petersburg and Alushta, and designing of standard hospitals in Kazan, Penza, Vladikavkaz and Ryazan.

The environmental clean-up of the Arctic territories and other facilities of the Ministry of Defence is about to be completed.

In addition, the Ministry of Defence is working on its participation in the modernisation and expansion of the Russian Federation's main infrastructure, including the increasing performance of sea ports, the development of the Northern sea route, the reconstruction of double-base airfields, and other areas of activity.

The members of the board discussed proposals on topical activities to be introduced in the 2019-2025 Activity Plan of the Ministry of Defence, as well as in national projects and programs for their implementation at the federal level.

The leadership of the Armed Forces, representatives of state authorities, the military-industrial complex and public organizations took part in the meeting of the Board.

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