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08.07.2018 (18:11)

EW specialists block signals of controlled landmines using modern Dzyudoist system

EW specialists blocked signals of radio-controlled landmines using the Judoist mobile complex during the exercises at the Sverdlovsk training ground.

During the exercise active part, the EW specialists met the standards on deploying the automated Dzyudoist system. They trained to block radio and cellular communications that could be used to undermine radio-controlled landmines, thereby ensuring the passage of equipment and manpower to the area of the conditional combat operations. Using radio interference for violation of the frequency range and knocking down the route holding system, the troops prevented approaching the simulated enemy’s drones more than 50 kilometres away from the friendly troops’ front line.

The Dzyudoist system is intended for protecting equipment and manpower from radio-controlled mine explosives and providing radio suppression of the enemy’s signal communications means.

In total, more than 500 personnel and 300 pieces of armaments and special hardware were involved in the exercise.

Central Military District
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