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13.07.2018 (13:32)

Exercises of Russian peacemakers are held in Samara region

The only one in the ground forces of the Russian Federation, the motorized rifle brigade of peace-makers, the Central Military District, was involved in the Roshchinsky range in the Samara region in a tactical special exercise.

Military units took part in the exercise. Peace-makers practiced escort humanitarian convoys in the conditional areas of finding the opposing parties with the defeat of an attack of diversionary groups.

The motorized rifle brigade of peacemakers, the Central Military District, was formed on February 1, 2005. The military units performed tasks in Transnistria, participated in Peace Mission, Unbreakable Brotherhood international exercises.

The brigade is fully equipped with military servicemen under the contract, equipped with modern weapons: BTR-82AM armored fighting vehicles, reconnaissance, Strelets control and communication systems, Perunit-B and Grotto-M satellite navigation GLONASS, Orlan-10, Leer-3 and Tachion-3 unmanned aerial vehicles, the Azart 6th generation radio stations, Cowboy individual protective suits.

Exercises , Central Military District
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