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13.03.2019 (08:41)

Suvorov Attack second stage continues in the Republic of Buryatia

The second qualifying stage of the Suvorov Attack contest is underway at the Burduny training ground in the Republic of Buryatia.

Tank and motorised rifle units of a combined army formation compete in the qualifying stage. The best IFV crews will represent the formation at the district competition.

During the second stage, the BMP-2 crews as part of platoons compete in operating the entrusted equipment.

The jury choose the strongest in the speed of passing the distance and the accuracy of engaging various targets from the standard armament of infantry fighting vehicles, including when firing en route at various distances.

The program also includes a route with various obstacles, a forced 5-km march, fire training from small arms.

We should recall that the Suvorov Attack district stage will be held at the Burduny training ground in April this year for the first time.

Suvorov’s Onslaught , Eastern Military District
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