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15.05.2019 (10:10)

Russian and Syrian joint coordination headquarters make another report on plight of the Syrians in the Rukban camp


by joint coordination headquarters of the Russian Federation and the Syrian Arab Republic "On the plight of the Rukban and al-Hol camp refugees"

(May 15, 2019)

The situation in the Rukban and al-Hol refugee camps located in the US-controlled territories of Syria remains critical.

Non-constructive actions of the US side, expressed in delaying the process of returning internally displaced persons to their homes, lead to new victims and increase the suffering of forcibly held Syrians.

It should be noted that the set of problems in the al-Hol refugee camp related to the violation of the rights of Syrian citizens is the same as in Rukban. Here, the obstruction of freedom of movement and confiscation of documents, the separation of families and the lack of adequate humanitarian access to the territory, an acute problem with medical support and poor sanitation.

It is significant that, despite the unprecedented measures taken by Russia and Syria to provide favorable conditions for refugees arriving in their homes, the process of withdrawing citizens from Rukban is slow. Today, more than 12,000 people have left the camp, but this is just over a quarter of its population. We look forward to an increase of the rate of withdrawal of the inhabitants of the camp until its complete disbandment. And once again we remind you that the Syrian government is ready for receiving, accommodating and further adapting internally displaced persons.

We believe that the creation of artificial barriers to the return of Syrian refugees to their homeland is unacceptable. This negatively affects the situation not only in Syria, but also in its neighboring countries, primarily in Jordan and Lebanon. The leadership of these countries is interested in the voluntary relocation of Syrians to their homes and actively promotes this process.

Considerable financial resources are needed for the support of refugees, but the economic sanctions imposed by the United States and its allies have a negative impact on the Syrian economy.

According to the official representatives of Lebanon and Jordan, the budgets of these countries reduce social spending on benefits for citizens due to the deteriorating economic situation, and assistance from international humanitarian organizations to refugees against the background of a general deterioration of the situation may be subject to conflict with local communities. We believe that it would be appropriate to use the funds allocated by donor countries and international organizations for lifting allowances to Syrians for their return to their homeland, and not to finance improving their living conditions and assimilation in the host countries.

Attention is drawn to the artificially created US and its allies fuel crisis aimed at suffocating the Syrian economy.

At the same time, the Americans dispose of the national resources of Syria, exporting them from the left bank of the Euphrates and organizing the smuggling trade.

At the same time, the United States sponsors illegal armed groups and uses them to carry out terrorist acts that are aimed at hindering the process of restoring the country.

We urge our American partners to abandon the policy of double standards, when they verbally indicate a desire to support the restoration of civilian life in Syria, but in fact there is full support for armed gangs destabilizing the situation in the republic.

Further retention by the United States and its allies of the Syrian territories, the Rukban and al-Hol refugee camps is devoid of common sense, as it only delays the end of the conflict in Syria, aggravates the criminal situation, retards the return of Syrians to their homes and restoration peaceful life in the country.

The UN humanitarian agencies are obliged to influence the American leadership in order to abolish the anti-Syrian economic sanctions as soon as possible and to disband the Rukban and al-Hol camps.

Head of Russian Joint Coordination Committee on Repatriation of Syrian Refugees - Head of National Centre for State Defence Control of the Russian Federation

Mizintsev M.

Head of Syrian Joint Coordination Committee on Repatriation of Syrian Refugees - Local Administration Minister of the Syrian Arab Republic

Makhlouf H.

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