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16.05.2019 (21:45)

Baltic Fleet starts training for Seaborne Assault 2019 international contest

The crews of combat vehicles practice a training course in stages, which includes driving combat vehicles, performing a course of combat firing from the armament of armored personnel carriers, passing the obstacle and the Survival path.

In total, more than 10 crews are involved in the event. Training is carried out in stages – from a single training of drivers to the tasks of a separate crew and a team. The most trained crews of armored personnel carriers will take part in the inter-fleet competition for professional training.

 This year, seven teams of the Navy, the Ryazan Higher Guards Airborne Command and Far Eastern Higher All-Arms Command Schools will take part in the all-army stage. Traditionally, all-army and international stages of the competition will be held in July and August at the Khmelevka training ground in the Kaliningrad region and on the territory of the Marines formation in Baltiysk, where there are competition courses, obstacle courses, facilities, and placement, repair and parking of military equipment for the event.

The winners of the inter-fleet stage of the competition will take part in Seaborne Assault international contest in the framework of International Army Games 2019, which will also be held in the Kaliningrad region. For the first time, servicemen from the Republic of the Sudan will compete in these contest.

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