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17.05.2019 (14:06)

SMD's UAV crews provides Live Broadcast of all-army stage of motorized rifle contest

Unmanned aerial vehicle crews of the Southern Military District provide online broadcasting of the all-army stage of the competition among tank and motorized rifle subunits at the Prudboy training grounds.

Real time broadcast of the contest for the referee and spectators is organized with the help of several UAVs, providing a stable video signal at altitudes up to 300 m.

For reference:

In the Tank Biathlon and Suvorov Attack all-army contests will be attended by 72 crews of T-72B3 tanks and 5 platoons on IFV-2, which became the best in the Southern, Central, Western and Eastern military districts, the Northern fleet, Airborne troops.

Competitions will last until April 29 at Prudboy training ground.

Motorized Rifle Troops , Southern Military District , Беспилотные летательные аппараты
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