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14.06.2019 (08:45)

Over 200 paratroopers from Pskov leave for the Republic of Serbia to participate in Slavic Brotherhood 2019 international exercises

Paratroopers from the Pskov airborne assault division have left for the Republic of Serbia to participate in the Slavic Brotherhood 2019 joint drills involving troops from Russia, Belarus and Serbia. During the manoeuvres, the paratroopers will practise special actions as part of a coalition task force in a counter-terrorism operation.

More than 50 pieces of wheeled and tracked military equipment and aircraft of the Il-76md military transport aircraft will be involved. 

On June 13 at the Kresty airfield, Pskov region, military personnel and equipment took on the Russian military aircraft.

Upon arrival in the area of the exercise, the troops will conduct preparatory activities, and the opening ceremony of the joint exercise will take place on the territory of the military camp of the Special Operations Forces Brigade of the Serbian Armed Forces in the city of Pancevo.

Some 600 troops will be involved in the exercise which is to take place on June 14-27. About 200 paratroopers will represent the Russian Airborne Troops. Along with them, there will be about 300 people from the armed forces of the Republic of Serbia, and up to 60 servicemen from the Republic of Belarus involved in the drills.

At the first stage of the exercise, units will train to coordinate their actions, practise counter-terrorism tactics tasks, and airborne and fire training sessions.

Airborne Troops , Славянское братство-2019
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