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26.06.2019 (17:45)

Ruslan Tsalikov: the West has never stopped ideological confrontation with Russia

After the collapse of the USSR, the non-military confrontation with the West did not stop even for a second. Ruslan Tsalikov, First Deputy Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation, said that sovereignty and the very existence of Russia depend on correct assessments of today's threats in this area.

“At first sight, the risks of military confrontation are gone. However, non-military confrontation has never stopped event for a moment. This is an expansion in terms of language, religion, culture, history, ” Ruslan Tsalikov said speaking at the “ Actual issues of information counteraction” conference which was held in the framework of the ARMY 2019 International Military and Technical Forum.

According to him, today the very existence of Russia largely depends on the correct response to non-military threats from the West.

“A lot depends on us today: will we miss another opportunity to save our country or not? Shall we respond to the challenges and threats our society is faced today with?" Ruslan Tsalikov noted.

The correct diagnosis is a very important step to recovery, he said. “If one fails to understand this fact, it leads to wrong management decisions,” Ruslan Tsalikov stated.

He also stressed that "in a military confrontation one could not do anything against us".

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