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11.07.2019 (10:47)

Joint exercise of Pacific Fleet naval and long-range aviation completes in Primorye

In the areas of combat training over the water area of the Sea of Japan, a planned joint tactical exercise was conducted in which high-altitude MiG-31BM of naval aviation of the Pacific Fleet, Tu-22M3 supersonic bombers and A-50 long-range radar detection and control aircraft were involved.

During practical part, aircraft were redeployed from permanent bases to operational airfields in Primorye.

In particular, a pair of Tu-22M3 missile carriers imitated strike of X-22 cruise missiles at a group of surface ships of a mock enemy, and also practiced passive jamming.

In turn, two MiG-31BM fighters were raised from the airfield in the vicinity of Vladivostok and successfully carried out the interception of bombers.

Pacific Fleet , Naval Aviation , Eastern Military District
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