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11.07.2019 (12:17)

EMD's assault aircraft eliminate ground targets with unguided missiles

At the same time, at the two aviation training grounds of the Eastern Military District in the Primorsky and Transbaikalia, the pilots of the assault aviation of the district destroyed ground targets.

In the course of combat training, pilots of Su-25 and Su-25SM assault aircraft of two air defence units deployed in Primorye and Transbaikalia, launched more than 80 unguided air-to-air missiles on targets imitating command and observation posts, columns lightly armored vehicles and man power of the mock enemy.

In addition, the pilots have completed missions to fly to a given area, perform pair flights, bombing from horizontal flight, and destroy ground targets with aircraft guns.

As part of training flights for combat use of more than 30 aircraft sorties by the flight personnel of two assault aircraft units of the district.

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